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If you are, and you don't get the job as a result, you can complain to an Industrial Tribunal.It's unlawful to treat people with disabilities less favourably because of their disability.If any check on you has has produced unsatisfactory results, an employer can withdraw a job offer even after you have accepted it.This applies so long as you were made aware before you accepted the job that the offer was on conditions.An employer must let you see this within 40 days of your request and may charge you a fee of up to £10.

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You have the right to see any information held on you.(4) A cheque is not incomplete or irregular on its face by reason only that it is post-dated (whether or not the date has arrived).The Commonwealth Bank of Australia's rules and conditions for cheques (2014: Section 1.7.6 'Dishonour of cheques') clearly state that a cheque will be dishonoured if it is presented before the post-date as written on the cheque for the reason that, '..cheque bears a date that is in the future.If you want to do any of the following, your employer must get a criminal record check on you: You will be asked to complete an Access NI application form and to return this to your employer.

Your employer will also check your identity documents to make sure all the details on your application form are correct.If you need particular qualifications, training or licences for a job, your employer may ask for proof that you have them.