Psychological effects of dating a married man

09-Dec-2019 11:37

He just smiled at me, and started hugging me again. The worst part, we didn’t speak about it ever again, and just let it go. It just used to happen, so it didn’t make me feel awkward, just moist inside my chest. [Read: Best friends becoming enemies] Somehow, I never wanted to be there. I was a nice girl who believed in moral issues and karma.Committed boyfriends, married men and affairs Nothing really happened, but that incident sort of blew up into a catalyst for a few more things to roll. I felt bad about what I was doing, but I couldn’t hold myself back from him. But the lure grasped me in and took me in too far deep.Even if his relationship with his wife ended, I’d have no guarantee that we’d have a romantic relationship (although, what we have now sure feels like that). He’s my dearest friend who knows everything about me.I don’t want to loose him as a friend but then, I don’t want to get hurt. While sex itself may be something that adults can share across multiple partners (at least some people seem to be able to pull this off without serious repercussions), you can’t mix sex with love and expect to share partners.

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All of us were out together, everyone except my friend’s girlfriend, as she had to spend the night with her parents and cousins who had come down for an extended vacation.Having an affair with a married man or falling in love with him has got to be every girl’s nightmare.Surprisingly, a woman never really intends to fall in love, it just happens.But now I’ve made up my mind never to have an affair with a married man, however charming he may be in the first place, or however much he sweet talks me.

But then, I had told myself the same thing many times before, even before I hooked up with my first committed man way back in high school.

We were having lots of fun,we were quite drunk [Read: How to avoid a hangover] and when the clock struck midnight, I felt someone’s lips over mine and I was pressed.