Real cam living room

17-Jan-2020 02:16

In fact, part of my recording philosophy is capturing performances in unique spaces rather than always opting for a neutral (aka “boring”) studio environment.

As mentioned in the introduction, this was one of those rare sessions leaving a long-lasting impression on you.

Amazon launched its Echo Look camera earlier this year to judge your outfits.

It’s designed to sit in your wardrobe and offer you style advice, and it was Amazon’s first Echo device with a camera.

It’s amazing how easy it is to record a band well when the musicianship is at that kind of level.

While all the focus is on what the Echo Spot looks like, it’s important to remember that Amazon is using the Spot as a very clever way of making you comfortable with having a camera in your bedroom.

It’s also a camera that will probably be pointing directly at your bed.

Earth Cam is taking viewers to the heart of Dublin, Ireland with its live streaming webcams!

Perched on top of the Temple Bar Pharmacy, experience the energy and excitement of this popular city.I set up a mobile recording rig and a handful of (mostly) ribbon mics to record the band and Cam.

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