Rules to dating a drug dealer

25-Dec-2019 11:20

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You want the best for your teen - the best education, the best extra-curricular activities, the best friends. This is often one of the most significant factors in her overall health, yet it’s one of the factors you have the least control over.

You send her to a great school, pay for soccer, help her find a great job.

What if you find out she’s dating someone who is abusing drugs?

You realize your daughter could be in danger – emotionally and physically.

But every girl in Tijuana wanted to date this guy, and I felt like I was living the dream.

However, my dream didn't last long; he left me for my best friend, and they ended up getting married because she got pregnant. Growing up in this very tough and violent environment taught me many lessons, one of the most valuable being that communication is the key to good parenting. Like my dad, I try to have a friendly conversation with my boys about their day, while my task is to find out if there are any "bad boys" in their school.

But it wasn't always easy to say no to dating a narco.

One time, an extremely cute and charming guy (think Brad Pitt in his younger years) knocked on my door.

I wasn't even a big fan of drinking; as a teenager, my quest was to find the love of my life - a task difficult for any girl my age, but for me almost impossible!A few months later, I found out he had been killed. My experience dating or partying with narcos wasn't unusual in the '90s.

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