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I've tried to do my research before pestering the experts here, but I wanted to pick your brains. Quite honestly, a few things you mention kind of make me think that what you have is an American militia sword and not a Knights Templar sword.

I've got a Horstmann/Weyersberg Knights Templar sword I'm hoping to put up for auction. Does the sword have the owner's name etched on the blade?

Horstmann & Sons" have been produced prior to 1859? So does that mean the above listing of the company's names applied only to the military buttons they manufactured?

This pattern was the basis for the design of many fraternal swords.

would say the list that references button markings is probably more useful for other items. If you can date your ancestor's Masonic affiliation a bit better, maybe even find his lodge by his location during the period, the group are great record keepers.

Cheers Hotspur; we have some Masons on board here Glen Thanks, yet again.

My hunch is that the surge in Masonic/Knights Templar popularity following the Civil War suggests that this sword was part of that trend, and likely not made earlier.

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The sword belonged to my great grandfather, who was born in the 1860's.

Although I hope to put it up on e Bay shortly so, uncouth as that may be, I might direct your attention there to view the photos. Hi Bob, There are lots of free photo hosting sites out there, like have managed to resize photos in the Windows MS Paint program. In poking around some, I do see a listing for an unnamed sword and swords of this type made before the American Civil War.