Signs of a dating scammer

21-Feb-2020 20:12

Father died, left her money but she needs a secure account to put it in and offers 50% to use yours.

It's not appropriate at all in any culture to ask a stranger you've never met to help you.Scammer claims to be from the USA, for example, but is in Africa on business, working for UNICEF or any other organization, visiting parents/friends/relatives etc.Letters become more desperate, persistent or direct if you do not send money straightaway.I wasn’t allowed to know exactly where he was or when he was coming home. There is no conversation between the soldier and his closest confidantes if he’s on a “top secret mission” and certainly not with someone he met online.

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Conversations were monitored to make sure there weren’t any slips. The very idea of a top-secret anything is that it remains a secret. There are serious legal consequences to leaking information that is classified, which a top-secret mission would be.

Her Agency or dating site with her profile includes other scammers and has a bad reputation according to the reviews of other users. Her profile states that a man's age, race or income doesn't matter to her. Chances of being scammed only increase with the age difference.

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