Signs of a female player dating

16-Nov-2019 16:59

Please don’t think you’ll be the one that changes him, I got news for you.

You’re not going to change him; chances are he’s going to break you before you do that.

But who’s going to give into texting first you or him?

If you have not had sex with him, he’s realized you’re not going to and has forgotten about you.

If a lot of girls know who he is, chances are that he’s received the title of being a player by now. In other words he’s a smooth talker, knows what to say when you’re mad, upset, or down.

He’ll make you feel special that you’ll believe his words and you will trust he’s a “nice guy”.

If you’ve already slept with him chances are he’s not coming back since you gave him what he wanted.

If he does come back he’s just coming back for more.

Well not really, because you probably aren’t the only one he’s texting or calling at that time.

There are 24 hours in a day, if he really liked you he could have chosen a better time just to say hi.