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The Anasazi far surpassed the other Indians of the Southwest in their design of architectural forms. The Hohokam Tradition: Located along the lower Gila River valley in south-central Arizona, the Hohokam (from a Pima Indian word for "those who have vanished"), who cultivated corn and beans, are best known for their skillfully engineered canals and ditches. It included Indians who developed riverine pueblos in central Arizona's Verde Valley, the northernmost outpost of the Hohokam and the southwesternmost extension of the Anasazi. For reasons not yet explained, the Anasazi and Sinagua Pueblo peoples made an abrupt departure around A. This group probably was ancestral to the modem Yuman-speaking tribes of the lower Colorado River and lower Gila River valleys.

They used the waters of the Salt and Gila rivers to irrigate their crops. Ethnologists think it is possible that the Hohokam may have been the ancestors of the modem-day Pima and Tohono O'odham (Papago) peoples. The Mogollon Tradition: Though not so advanced as either the Anasazi or the Hohokam traditions, the Mogollon culture deserves recognition because it appears to be the Southwest prehistoric group which offers the earliest evidence of intensive horticulture, a durable material culture, and a settled mode of life. The origin of these people is unclear, as is the explanation for their departure. Except for the top half of the "Northern Peripheral" group and a slice of the "Eastern Peripheral" group, all of these prehistoric peoples lived within the area designated in this essay as the "physiographic Southwest." The expression "peripheral" speaks for itself.

They quite possibly first inhabited this general region about the time of Christ and have continued down to the present day. The Patayan Tradition: Also known as the "Yuman" culture, these people lived in the Colorado River Valley below the Grand Canyon.

Most ethnologists believe that the modern Southwest Pueblo Indians descended from the Anasazi. They, too, may have descended from the Cochise Culture, and, like the Anasazi, they relied upon the natural runoff of water from the area's mountain streams to grow their crops. The Sinagua Tradition: This culture arose in the lower part of the Little Colorado Valley, near the San Francisco Mountains area. A blend of Hohokam irrigation methods and Anasazi Pueblo architecture characterized the Verde Valley culture. The few found artifacts indicate that this group may have endured as long as fifteen hundred years. Patayan is the only Southwest sedentary culture which lacked permanent houses, for these people lived in brush huts which have not survived the ravages of time and the overflow of the Colorado River.

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Moreover, a certain set of well-documented nineteenth- and twentieth-century American Indian linguistic patterns are unique to the region, too.

In other words, the physiographic Southwest features a distinct, substantial, and highly visible American Indian population, both prehistoric and contemporary.

Possibly descendants of the Cochise culture, they came to Arizona sometime prior to A. These people occupied the Upper Gila River and Mimbres Valley areas from about 300 B. Contemporary Native Americans No place else within the United States contains such impressive remnants of prehistoric culture as does the Southwest.

The nation's largest number of contemporary Native Americans can be found in the physiographic Southwest, too.For most of this period, these people lived in caves and hunted animals, many species of which no longer exist.

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