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08-Nov-2019 00:42

Their families are whole and strong and the entire population is passionate about everything.These are a people, descendants of the Mayans, The Aztecs, The Incas, and royal Castilian Spanish who flourish and celebrate and take time to live and love.You are right, Jamie, when you talk about personal preference.Like everything in life, some things you like more than others.

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The origin of that need becomes evident quickly, and I suppose that is grounds for anger though that anger, should be turned inward, not outward.

Amy calls us losers, but I would ask her this: Would a loser head up an executive position in one of the largest food companies in the world?

Would a loser pass up the chance for happiness with a Latin woman or keep looking for something that isn´t there in the US?

The "Latina" has held to virtues that might be listed as "the joy of being a woman," feminine grooming, happiness that men are men, the desire to nurture a tight knit family, and a husband to provide a comfortable home while she tends to the comforts and needs of the immediate and distant family, and I am forced to add that they do so without keeping score regarding household chores.

After traveling the world with my wife for eight years and for another eight years after her death from breast cancer, I have experienced up close the dilemma that the South American woman faces, that which is termed Machismo.I have to write this because I just read your “hate” mail and subsequent response by Amy from the United States.

If this information triggers any recognition in anyone I would be very keen to know more. Hello, Looking to find ROBERT who used to work with my Dad Albert in 1969 - at Champion Timber New Malden Surrey. I am Ashok Nagrath from Delhi India I am looking for one Angela Murphy from UK who came to India Delhi 1982 and met me at Connaught Place, at Dinner at Gulati restaurant, for lunch at Standard restaurant near Regal cinema she was from UK probably Yorkshire she was waiting for her friend Alexender who was away somewhere, she must be 25 yrs at that time in 1982 and now must be 63 yrs please see if I can ever talk with her thanking you in anticipation Ashok Nagrath Advocate Delhi High Court India Hi everyone,i am looking to get intouch with a girl i knew in 1971, Her name is Christine Bennett (maiden name),she used to live on brackenwood drive Leeds 8,it would be really nice if i could trace her. She married a man caller Palmer they had 3 children. I think he had a brother but do not recall his details.… continue reading »

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Your shoe options are limited."My first boyfriend was shorter, and I constantly worried about how we would look in photos and at dressy occasions that required heels.… continue reading »

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