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19-Sep-2019 20:02

LOL if I'm out etc and don't have anything handy LOL. I did what was suggested in the mag, just get clean cotton wool dipped in cool boiled water and wipe from the inner eye to the outer, do this a few times and within 2 days it sould be gone. ok my friends son has this (a blocked tear duct) since birth they were told it should clear by one but it hadnt so he had it operated on at 14months they stuck a needle in to unblock it (didnt work still weeping) so he is booked in again for november keep in mind if it doesnt clear by one that there is a waiting list for the 21 mummy toemily 21-3-03ttc#2 My daughter is 8 weeks old and has had a sticky eye since week 2...I took her to the doctors as it was not clearing up and had read they should only have them about two said keep doing what I was doing but I said that I thought it had gone on too long.

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So I expressed some breast milk (hind milk) and wiped it with a cotton bud and by the next day the right eye had completely gone back to normal! Now everytime I feed I put some breastmilk on a cotton bud and wipe the left eye and also massage the corner too. and yes it is greenish/yellow but I was under the impression that that was normal colour for the gunk of blocked tear ducts?When the pain kicks in, you can whip out a ‘mumsicle’ to help soothe their gums and keep them cool in the heat.“Frozen breast milk (usually in the form of an ice pop) is an excellent remedy for teething,” says Halliday.“Most babies love to chew on something cold, and with a breast milk pop you know they are also getting nutritional benefit as well as the numbing effect of the cold which can help with discomfort.”READ MORE: Uproar on Twitter following KLM's proposed new breastfeeding policy Sticky eyes According to some studies breast milk has been proven to be an effective treatment of conjunctivitis and other eye infections in newborns.And the anecdotal evidence on parenting sites certainly suggests there’s something in it.Halliday recommends seeking medical advice before using breast milk to treat any of the above.“It is important to seek medical advice if you are concerned about your baby or family member, but using breast milk for minor ailments or to soothe rashes or ear infections before you can attend your doctor may prove to be invaluable,” she adds.

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Being 15 weeks I guess it could still be the same and nothing to worry about.

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