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05-Feb-2020 12:03

It's the action of any switch mode power supply that switches on and off 120 times per second at or near the peak of the ac sine wave to top up the input filter capacitor.

Of greater importance will be the renewed confidence produced from that first win the Argos earned heading into their break.

Residential metering dont charge for power factor but when the solar pv is operating I believe the losses are coming from the pv power generated.

Does anyone know of a CFL with a good power factor?

Several Argos were injured in the onslaught, including Gabriel.“I was trying to make a stop on the goalline and I kind of used the wrong shoulder,’’ recalled Gabriel of an injury that put him on the team’s six-game inactive list. I feel good now.”On the play, Gabriel says he was knocked out.“After, when I came back to my senses and I was in the locker room, I was thinking: ‘How did I get here?

’”Including Toronto’s bye week, Gabriel hasn’t played a down against live competition in seven weeks, which seems like an eternity for a football player.“Our whole mindset is to win that game and that just continues throughout the season.