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However, translation to the clinical setting has been largely disappointing.Box 1 summarizes important methodological issues in animal studies that have often not been adequately addressed before clinical trial.Neuroprotective strategies that limit secondary tissue loss and/or improve functional outcomes have been identified in multiple animal models of ischemic, hemorrhagic, traumatic and nontraumatic cerebral lesions.However, use of these potential interventions in human randomized controlled studies has generally given disappointing results.In a post hoc analysis, however, patients in the lower Hb group had more cortical infarctions, suggesting that higher Hb thresholds may be needed to provide protection from vasospasm-related infarction.

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A randomized controlled trial, however, found that those randomized to decompressive craniectomy had decreased ICP and length of ICU stay but more unfavorable outcomes as determined by the Extended Glasgow Outcome Scale at 6 months after injury [20].

More recent data indicated that intravenous alteplase was beneficial when given within 4.5 hours of onset in nondiabetic patients 4.5 hours or those for whom systemic intravenous thrombolysis is contraindicated [11,14].