Teacher and former student dating dating sites for spanish

11-Feb-2020 06:05

We bumped into each other about 2 months ago and he recognised my face but didn't remember my name and we just had a normal conversation about how we've both been.I didn't really think too much about it at this point until we were both invited to the same wedding (about 3 weeks ago) and I found out he was friends with my sister's now husband.

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You'd only be breaking rules if he was still your teacher in sixth form (maybe, i'm not entirely sure but it is frowned upon in school) but no laws are being broken and no school rules are being broken if he's still a teacher. I don't think many people would judge you and if they did then they aren't really worth it.The age difference isn't that bad since he's only 6 years older (I'm 20 and he's turning 26 later in the year). But you are both adults so it don't think of it from a sixth former's girl perspective, think of it from an adult who is just dating a teacher who happened to teach them at some point. I'd say it's okay, it wasn't like he held feelings for you while he was your teacher, your age difference isn't that big.

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