The accommodating point

15-Dec-2019 15:55

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Results from the FDA clinical trial of the Crystalens suggest that most patients who had the lens implanted achieved good distance vision and had improved intermediate range vision, such as that needed to use the computer, more so then patients with traditional monofocal lenses.

About 60% of Crystalens patients in the study also reported unaided near vision sufficient to read a newspaper, which also was superior to the monofocal lens group.

The Crystalens accomplishes this by use of two small hinges, which allow the lens to move forward and backward slightly inside the eye.

By doing so, the lens can change its power in the eye, similar to the process of accommodation of the eye’s natural lens.

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An example of an accommodating lens is the Crystalens.When light enters a monofocal lens, it is bent to a focus point.As the power of the lens becomes stronger, its ability to bend light more sharply is increased.Activities that were once easily enjoyed without glasses, such as reading or sewing, now require a pair of reading glasses always be available.

For people frustrated by the need for reading glasses, multifocal lenses offer a good alternative.This was evident in the FDA trial of the Re STOR multifocal lens; 84% of Re STOR patients achieved 20/25 distance vision, and near vision which allowed newsprint to be easily read.