The worst office dating mistakes

15-Jan-2020 05:01

Honestly, I didn't know he existed before the date. Did not make me feel so good about the date when I saw her that afternoon and she had several fresh hickies on her neck. (Go figure.)It was a night of hell while I went from bar to bar spending my money on a person I did not want to be with.

Most demanding person I have ever met too, demanded drinks, demanded food, demanded everything.

Was not a pleasant experience, actually scared me, and I have found I am much more safety conscious now. Against my better judgment I consented even though my co-worker assured me he was a "stand up guy" and "okay." We go to dinner and at the end of the meal when the check comes he tallies up what "I owe" and hands me the bill and asked for the money.After dinner, he couldn't pay the bill, and asked if he could borrow the money to pay it.

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