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30-Nov-2019 19:27

The Recovery Village provides comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab programs, as well as co-occurring mental health issues.

Our multidisciplinary approach addresses the biological, psychological, and social needs of every patient.

More often than not, follow-up investigations show that the person who pulled the trigger was suffering from a mental illness. I've been involved in addiction medicine for 40 years and have seen many innovations, but mindfulness remains one of my favorite tools for helping people with addiction as well as their families.

It might surprise people to learn that one of the greatest sources of mindful inspiration may already live in your household ― your dog.

Our modern facilities provide a full continuum of care in a therapeutic environment.

Clients enjoy luxurious accommodations and amenities designed to heal body and mind.

Nothing shakes us to the core like a school shooting.In recent weeks the government has taken positive actions to combat the opioid epidemic.The President announced steps to prevent opioid addiction and also to appropriately treat the million Americans who already have opiate addiction.Select your state below to learn more about services offered in your area.

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Individuals struggling with addiction need a great deal of support.Our advanced approach to addiction treatment and drug treatment empowers individuals on the path to recovery.