Tips for dating someone who is bipolar 3d dating software

06-Oct-2019 13:35

Bipolar Disorder is a severe mental illness that is characterized by episodes of depression and mania and hypomania.These episodes vary in length depending on the type of Bipolar Disorder that a person suffers from.The extreme shifts in mood and energy levels can contribute to suicidal ideation or suicidal actions, whether those are passive or active.Bipolar Disorder is most frequently treated with a combination of therapy and medication.Mood stabilizers such as lithium are especially useful in treating mania, and lithium itself has been used for over sixty years to treat Bipolar Disorder.When taking lithium, a person’s blood levels must be monitored in addition to the monitoring of their kidneys and thyroid, which may be affected by the medication.Depakote Depakote is another medication that can be used to treat Bipolar Disorder.

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Symptoms of Depression Mood Stabilizers Lithium Mood stabilizers are a treatment option for those living with Bipolar Disorder.It is a serious illness, and it is not preventable.

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