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19-Dec-2019 09:49

Optional Step: There is a bug currently in the express CD which caused my machine to get in a loop repeating the above step over and over.

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Our next article will cover setting up your new HDA with apps, users, additional storage, and all your files.The system will finish the HDA configuration and reboot into the final usable state.If you are not using an HP Media Smart Server or want to keep your HDA in the desktop you just installed on, you do not need to follow the below steps.Picture via Justin Ruckman Once the correct hard drive is plugged in, boot the system from the installation CD.

The first few steps just ask you to select your language, keyboard layout, timezone, and root password so we will just skip over those and assume you know what to do there.

Click on “Your HDAs” on the left and then scroll down to the install code that was generated for you.