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13-Feb-2020 14:20

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as data is acknowledged the window advances along the data octets.

When the sender receives an ACK, this determines where the trailing edge of the window sits.

This doubling is called an Exponential Back-Off The RTO is calculated as a linear function of the RTT and its value changes over time with changes in routing and traffic load. Buffers are used at each end of the TCP connection to speed up data flow when the network is busy.

Flow Control is managed using the concept of a Sliding Window.

TCP labels each octet of data with a Sequence Number and a series of octets form a Segment, the sequence number of the first octet in the segment is called the Segment Sequence Number.

A telnet server with IP address uses port number 23, however if two clients operating from IP address attach themselves to the server then the server needs to distinguish between the two conversations. The TCP connection is set up via three-way handshaking: Maintaining a TCP connection requires the stations to remember a number of different parameters such as port numbers and sequence numbers.