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Nothing will ruin a restaurant wine tasting faster than lack of wine goblets.

Make sure you have enough wine glasses for the evening. So, if you are serving six wine, that is six glasses per guest.

It used to be white wine with chicken and fish, red wine with beef and pork.

Today the possibilities of wine and food pairings are endless. If you find yourself stumped as to which dishes go best with which wines, ask your sommelier for advice.

When you add a Favorite or Rate a wine highly, we know you&Close Curly Quote;ll want to taste it again – especially if it goes on sale.

By updating your Wine Preferences, we&Close Curly Quote;ll know exactly the kinds of wines you love (or don&Close Curly Quote;t) and can tailor offers and special cases to your tastes.

Your Reviews let us know how we&Close Curly Quote;re doing (and help your fellow customers as they browse).

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A restaurant wine tasting is similar to a home wine tasting, in that guests will be sharing and conversing about several different wines.Your wine salesperson can either put you in touch with a sommelier or do the job themselves.