Updating wow to bc

07-Jan-2020 17:13

In addition Clique allows you to set up different profiles, and can automatically switch between them when your character changes talent groups.In order to set this up, click the 'Options' button, or navigate to the Clique options section of the Interface Options menu.Here you can create new profiles and change your options to activate different profiles depending on talent spec.Some folks have asked for how they can donate money, and for many years I've enjoyed hearing about how my addons have helped other people enjoy World of Warcraft.commit cf931200692882bb02214af5c91b9b9a9fc404fa Author: Jim Whitehead Date: Wed Jul 20 2016 0200 Auto-blacklist buttons without Register For Clicks The new nameplates inherit from the compact raid frame templates, but don't have all of the methods needed to work with click-casting, so for now we'll auto-blacklist all of those frames. You will be unable to use your '1' normal binding commit 690e0109e1d5dabd4d4d3b9f5bb1c3f56b8879e4 Author: James Whitehead II Date: Fri Jul 29 2011 0100 Enable mousewheel events as well as clicks This was previously only working on frames that registered using the Register Frame or Click Cast Frames mechanism.commit adc80f270237d7f4ac575793b49e60cb59a1720f Author: Jim Whitehead Date: Tue Mar 19 2013 0100 Temporarily fix an issue with unit menus After 5.2 when Blizzard switched to 'togglemenu', there is a bug with the dropdown code that requires raid frames to continue using 'menu' instead in order to work properly. commit 30b30582ef66a91d30e1dcd4b793f9bf90f8f9dd Author: James Whitehead II Date: Fri May 20 2011 0100 Revert "Use 'secure' registration for Register Frame" This reverts commit 0fa3e7bde2be8b508e152999872878425cb612ec.You will be unable to make these changes when you are in combat due to limitations in the Blizzard API.

commit 638f3c7d64a2141592f07c4d6598c51cb57e27a4 Author: James Whitehead II Date: Thu Sep 6 2012 0200 Fix bindings for spells needing AOE targeting The 'stop casting fix' was being applied to global bindings in addition to hovercast bindings, which was breaking spells like Hurricane and Blizzard. commit 4dbc7afcc5d4ba8a0223315429d3b7ec75c4753d Author: James Whitehead II Date: Thu Sep 6 2012 0200 Don't apply wrong-spec bindings Previously, if you were in your primary spec and you had a spell that was bound to secondary spec only, the binding would still be active (although it would not do anything). This fix uses the attribute driver template to clear this dangling button when the player no longer has a 'mouseover' unit.You can also open the configuration GUI by running the /clique slash command.

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