What are emotional issues in dating separated women

22-Feb-2020 05:15

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Men who experience emotional wounding in their relationships with their mother can be ambivalent toward women. They can fixate on feminine objects of desire in order to fill the deprivation of mother love.

They can remain emotionally fused to their mothers in an unhealthy way, or else become detached in defensive protection.

In this, women are pursued as an idealized mother who can save from all the pain and angst that comes from being isolated and alone.

Or, alternatively, they are avoided and devalued, once an idealized woman proves to be untrustworthy, and they are thereafter perceived to be always absent.

This article is the second in a two-part series on abandonment issues for men.

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He also came to bind up broken hearts, to set captives free, to comfort mourners, and to transform character (Isaiah 61:1-3).

It is better to be armed with expectations of the separation process; at least this way, the worst feelings will not have the upper hand when they begin to manifest.

Just like with grief of any kind it is common to move back and forth between the stages.

He can reverse, redeem, and create new life in our marriages and in all our relationships. Christian counseling can assist in the healing process by providing a setting in which you can discover and understand the wounds of your past and their continuing impact in the present.

A Christian counselor will point to Jesus as our True Healer.Before our souls can be healed, our emotional wounds need to be acknowledged, grieved, and forgiven.