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22-Sep-2019 21:30

The group actively tried to influence the media in hopes of garnering positive coverage that would help spread their message and recruit new members. Within their Discord server, IE had a channel called #cyberstrike where they coordinated campaigns to draw media attention to their demonstrations and flyering.After dropping a large banner from an overpass in Atlanta in December 2017, for example, Casey directed all the members in the chat to report the action to local news outlets, many of which later reported on the demonstration.Casey says he is now launching a new organization, the American Identity Movement (AIM).For a group that has always paid scrupulous attention to branding, the move seems designed to distance Casey and his followers from the public-relations baggage that has burdened IE since the 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia, “Unite the Right” rally they helped organize.This weekend the American Identity Movement held their first public action, which took the same format as IE’s demonstrations.

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Members toed the party line and avoided using racial slurs or other crude language, but they still engaged in Holocaust denial, vilified Jews and black people, and read crudely racist content like the Daily Stormer.

“This is in the same vein of saying ‘nationalist’ rather than ‘ethno-nationalist.’” The term “identitarian” was also up for debate.