Who is avan jogia dating right now 2016

13-Feb-2020 10:15

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that will lead to more questions.” Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of gifs to enjoy while you wait.

Created by revolutionary indie filmmaker Gregg Araki and executive produced by Steven Soderbergh, the show follows Ulysses (Avan Jogia), a millennial stoner “struggling to figure out his life in the surreal and bewildering city of Los Angeles.” The series also stars Kelli Berglund, Beau Mirchoff, Roxane Mesquida, Tyler Posey, and Jacob Artist, all in the thick of their own unapologetic “quests pursuing love, sex and fame.” True to Araki’s earlier work, there are also aliens. [The show] tweaks the genre because you still have that situational comedy vibe where its four characters and you get to see them interact, but it also has this thrumming beat of what’s going on with these aliens. I get a lot of characters who are really driven by a mission or they are super involved with what they’re going to accomplish and what they’re going to conquer.

I had the utmost respect for his work up to this point anyway. Every single episode has some sort of effect on the next episode, which is rare for a half-hour comedy. Jogia: He’s a sexual explorer, he’s a friendship explorer.

So Gregg sent me the script and was like ‘I wrote this part for you,’ and he’s a legend. There’s very few half-hour comedies where you come in and you’re guessing what’s next. MTV News: Tell us about the character of Ulysses and how important is it for you to portray a queer, brown character on television.

Unless it’s really, really standout, because it takes a lot of time and it’s a huge commitment, unlike a movie, where you just go in and get it done.

He’s looking for something more and I love that about him and I think that’s something we share.

like your merit as an artist isn’t just what you wear in your face. That to me is when we’ve really blown the doors off. I hate the rules of people who say you can only tell these kinds of stories. You think loses artistic value because you have to scroll past an Adam Sandler movie to get to it? The more you don’t concentrate on getting good, quality media to young people, the more they’re just going to devour things that are not good.One of the greatest leaps that we have done moving forward in television and film is representation. MTV News: What does the series have to say as far as making it as an aspiring creative in Hollywood? You’re consuming personalities so quickly and you’re jumping from friend group to friend group so quickly and everything’s changing. I feel like a lot of the time, we’re in an industry that is so much about public opinion and how well someone’s gonna do or how it fits in your brand.

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