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30-Jan-2020 10:12

Hollywood.[quote] He is not at all a fan of Jesus Christ..fact, he despises JC, and everything He stands for. The president of the CW said recently that they have no intentions of ending the show anytime soon.So, just to be clear, are there any substantiated cases of Jensen being homophobic? Ackles' dad supposedly was a minister of some kind.He won’t just come out and say what he thinks about gays, gay marriage or even politics because he knows it would hurt his career. All those Sci Fi people make bucks at those conventions b/c the basement dwelling geeks love paying for every autograph and picture.In fact, his wife will re-Tweet stuff showing mild LGBT support just to muddy the waters and throw people, most likely Hollywood producers, off their GOP scent. Judging by the SPN convention video/pics, 95% of the participants are women, mostly fat frauen.I don’t know what Ackles makes per episode, but word is that he clears 40k to 50k for an appearance at a “Supernatural” convention. On top of that, once he’s there he charges for meet-and-greets and photo ops, and it’s gays who are putting a lot of that money in his pocket. Then there’s no photo because he won’t pose with you.) Gays are also the ones glued to their tv sets each week, boosting his show’s ratings while they queer every gaze between him and his on-screen brother. I think it was done to sort of "butch it up" as you say and now he is stuck with it.

Man, I got nothing against anyone’s religion or their personal beliefs about gays and lesbians. Besides, Ackles is one of those actors that purposely milk the hoyay in his scenes with male actors.Everyone, and I mean everyone, is entitled to their own opinions, but that doesn’t mean that I have to buy their product or watch their show. One thing that always strikes me when I watch that show is that he is affecting the pitch of his voice. I mean, he's clearly trying to butch it up (and not very well, I don't think). He has no problem having Dean appear to be intensely attached to one of the male characters (whether it be Cas or Benny).I’m not going to further any actor’s career so they can fight harder against my rights. Jensen and Misha Collins both do that deep/lower voice thing for character purposes in the show.He gave off a real creepy serial-killer-in-training vibe.

Yes, it's incredible (read: scary) how invested people get, R27. Thirdly, he's not a republicunt, but I don't know about his wife.It's showing this week on some cable channel if you want to see it.

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