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She would go on to act in a couple of other TV shows.Hall attended Roedean School, where she was the head girl.She has about 5 siblings including step-siblings from her parent’s other marriages.All of Hall’s siblings are either directly or indirectly involved in the entertainment industry.

Her other sibling Emma Hall is also an actress while Lucy is a stage designer.

Spector thought he could do more with the role of Tom, a good man and a strong one who wants to help his wife through her ordeal, just as Mr. “If you fully believe that the world around you is that fractious and that fragile and that tenuous and that frightening, then your body feels that, too,” she said. Hall), they make strict demarcations between their personal and professional lives. They want to be judged as individual artists, not as a two-for-one special, and they insisted, in a manner forthright and justifiably exasperated, on separate interviews.“We work together, but our relationship is still ours,” Ms. In case you’re wondering, neither of them behaved fussily or self-importantly, but like two people who would be a lot happier if they could keep their private lives to themselves and their cats. Upchurch were huddled together choreographing the final moments of a scene, Mr. Spector “has a really tremendous instinct to help everyone around him do their best work,” but this seemed more intimate. Still, trust doesn’t necessarily make for identical styles of acting. But he’s a Northern California dude — part hardman, part goofball — who feels comfortable describing a scene’s “vibes,” and she’s hyperarticulate theater royalty, the daughter of the director Sir Peter Hall and the acclaimed soprano Maria Ewing. Hall first began to put those work-life boundaries in place.)More important, Ms.

Spector wants to help his own wife through what he called “a beast of a role” and “crazy hard.”“I’m almost glad I’m in the play so I can know how hard she’s working in a real, visceral sense, what it’s costing her to do it,” he said. She was speaking in the restaurant of the Maritime Hotel, a bright tiled room across the street from the rehearsal space. (Yes, gossip hounds, they both let slip that they have cats. Spector said that those cats get mad when they work late, “but not that mad.”)They know that appearing onstage together makes curiosity inevitable, but as Ms. Spector patted his wife’s arm — gently, rhythmically — a gesture of camaraderie as they navigated a difficult passage. Hall seems to dissolve her lithe frame and fresh, freckled face into the roles she plays, while Mr. Hall’s characters tend to shatter internally, to devastating effect.

Hall earned her first major break with Christopher Nolan’s 2006 thriller film, (2013), and a host of others.

Hall has a handful of accolades to celebrate her success in the entertainment industry.

The actors Rebecca Hall and Morgan Spector met in rehearsals for the 2014 Broadway revival of Sophie Treadwell’s “Machinal.” The play opened. So as courtship stories go, this one is at least a little funny. A domestic drama, a psychological thriller and something of a medical mystery, “Animal” tracks Rachel, a career woman suffering from anxiety and depression and maybe something worse, and the husband who struggles to help her.

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