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Want to, you know, bring in expertise from the consumer world. Okay, Matt, anything you want to add to the overview of our session? I mean, I think when we’ve had a lot of conversations, one of the thing that I really enjoy about David’s perspective is you No way. But if we’re thinking on ly about competing against other non-profits from a donor experience, we’re going to find ourselves in a lot of trouble because you’re starting setting the bar too low.

So this session is intended to help non-profits think about the full life cycle of thie experience of making a donation and all of the elements that could result in someone dropping off from completing a donation way. Teo and I think that if we can copy some of those things and move them over to the non-profit space, we’re going to be a head as an industry.

Reducing donors Abandonment From Amazon to Zappos There’s a lot you can learn from e retailers to keep your donors in the checkout stream as they make their online GIF ts Our nineteen anti seat panel Matt Scott and David de Para Lisa reveal proven e commerce strategies to increase online gift completion. And they’re not innovating with the consumer mindset that that us in just a few other players are. All right, so I started to add to that one of the things that I think is really interesting working with established non-profits, You know, you you look at these behemoths and they are their worst own worst enemy When it comes to technology, you look at the younger, more rapidly growing organizations, and those are the ones that are really out there able to adopt new technologies quickly. But then what I’m really interested in and I think where we complement one another is on the content side. You know, essentially, I think that there are ways Tio Tio integrate people into new parts of our organization. Like somebody’s probably not going to believe it as easily from AARP, but they will believe it from their local U S P c A.

Big non-profit ideas for the other ninety five percent of your aptly named host. I’d grow on Odo polyp ous if I heard that you missed today’s show. A one click check out a digital wallet capability, the’s air, things that have worked for the for-profit sector and non-profit sector is catching up and we hope to help them get there. I mean, unfortunately, platforms or not innovating as fast as they can. Uh, let’s get kicked off with what we should what we should be learning. Yeah, I mean, I think David brought up a lot of really good points in terms of Amazon, and you’ve got, you know, a donor experience. But you people believe that mean yes, we’re not wear not I do believe this stuff like a human actually wrote that or somebody’s coming. I think it depends on the size of the organization.

Your donors now complete their online GIF ts at record rates. I’m Tony Steak to be the one we’re sponsored by pursuant full service fund-raising data driven and technology enabled. And and when you when you take a tool like give lively and you put it out there and you integrate with the C R m like sales force, you unlock that potential. What is the unique user experience that that person or persons wants tohave with your brand? And how do you start to think those people in a way that feels really special and bonds them to that program you already know?

Matt is from cause *** and David is at Give lively and welcome your donors the right way. A multi-channel welcome and nurture Siri’s to receive and steward these new donors. They’re brenholz is with C ch and Chrissy hyre from innovation that’s also recorded at nineteen and TC. They’re not constrained by existing say, CR M systems or their, you know, existing, you know, ways of doing things. And so I like to always start with you know who is your target audience? I think one of the easiest things for folks to understand is upgrading folks to monthly giving.

Have you got in place a multichannel welcome and nurture series to receive and steward your new donors? They’re Brenna Holmes with CCAH and Chrissy Hyre from Innovation. You know, this ad directly relates to this check out page, and there is a continuum of content once you arrive there at that page and you know they arrived from there because you’ve set up different ones. So I mean so in my view and the view that informed to give lively donation platform when we first launched it, it was nothing more than identifying information about that donor. Actually, in the very early days, not even first name and last name email address, payment information. You know, now there’s a little bit more in terms of full name, just enough to make sure that we’re doing receding the right way and all of the all of the tax deductible benefits, by the way. Definitely all right time for our last break text to give. It’s not just a receipt like you don’t want anything you give to your donors to just be a throwaway effort. There was miles so now and then again, tying it to the impact and, like people want to make impact and they want to feel important.

This interview, like all are nineteen ntcdinosaur views is brought to you by our partners at Act Blue Free fund-raising Tools to help non-profits make an impact. And, uh, if it’s okay handing it over to David because I feel like that’s where he picks up in terms of the e commerce checkout process and where that’s really critical in terms of the transition from content to check out. You will find it on the listener landing page at Tony that I may slash pursuing capital P for please. And the thing that keys in for me there is thinking about how the experience starts at the level of the ask and then the level of the intent of the donor. The different how we identify the different constituencies for these granular messages. I think the time you said I think, think of the time I’m saving you. Small, small gift donorsearch a mid level or higher level donor. Now we’re part of an even more special piece of this community, right? You know, where you kind of like your calling out to them? Every month you’re giving me a monthly gift, and then, you know, where do you want? I think the that standard used to be Don’t wake the bear, right? But anything that talks about matching gift urgent.

Commerce, which is your existing customers, are your best potential you know, customers for for an additional service. Yeah, exactly what they were getting into the payment process. The payment process apparently doesn’t have to save the Yeah, I mean, I hope. We’ve been together a couple times, but only eyes our third time. So the first thing that you start with, like especially for online donors, very appropriate here for Auntie Si is making sure that you’re customizing the confirmation page and the auto respond or email to that donation. Non-profits never remembered a change on just updating that can go very long way customizing the confirmation page and the acknowledgement letter that yeah latto respondent your mail going a little bit further and adding direct mail into the mix by sending your online donors direct mail. The other 95% listen to Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. So someone starts a starts to donate two or starts thie intent, or has the intent to donate to your cause and then leaves in the middle of it. And if our expectation is for it to be a seamless process to collect a little information as possible to have unique, engaging content delivered to us if we’re not thinking like that as a nonprofit organization, we’re missing out on consumer behavior, which are the e retailers, that you want us to learn from that really broad base. There’s an access to technology that brings the retail style practices to the non-profit. We call it the power of the paper clip because like, you can’t machine that. The world that most everyone lives in on apply it to this non-profit space. And just so in case there’s any question want you define abandonment for us. You’re setting Well, yeah, you’re absolutely setting the bar too low, because we, as consumers, are also the people who are donating to charities, right? Wagner cps dot com and by text to give mobile donations made easy text NPR to four four four nine nine nine Here is reducing donor Welcome to Tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of nineteen ninety si. It’s a non-profit technology conference coming to you from the convention center in Portland, Oregon. And so I think that that’s really important to have a singular content strategy that’s very user focused. That’s their e book on donor acquisition and had to make a smashing first impression with your potential donors. Acknowledge what Matt mentioned in terms of thinking about storm the content, right? Or you can use the contact page at tony martignetti dot com from and I never hear from you again. So not on ly first time donors, but volunteermatch comes a donor. And so how do you start to think them in a way that makes them feel like, Oh, my gosh. I mean, so there we were talking about it also talked about splitting the baby there because there are philosophical differences and conversations there. What kind of depends on what’s inside or the organization. Sure, people respond to that Second notice reminder.

Tony Dad, I’m a slash pursuing by weather CPAs guiding you beyond the numbers. And I’ve seen it time and time again, where established non-profits in particular they are their own biggest hurdle when it comes to getting getting in line with e commerce. And how can you make sure from the moment that they interact with your brand and are brought to your page to your checkout form that they understand you’re unique market position? The matter very politely requested It’s time for a break Pursuing the art of first impressions how to combine strategy analytics and creative to captivate new donors and keep them coming back. I wallet went one click, check out seamless, but we got we got a lot more time together that way. Yeah, and so you know, at first I think it be helpful too. They’re exceptionally bonded to the work that you’re doing.

One way would be to have a page that’s both telling the story and allows you to make that seamless donation in the same view. So there’s a storytelling page, and then you jumped to a donation form that’s on a different page, and I’ve seen it done both ways and, you know, way See it work both ways really depends heavily, though, upon how they get there, right? It better work on a mobile device, but it’s kind of a simple statement, but we’ve got to be passed out by now. They’LL ask questions about, perhaps, how they got to our learned about the cause, which is a good question asked. You know, there are social networks that have advertising networks that have ways to link. Uh, that social, so that you don’t necessarily need to ask them. I was going to say I think David should speak a little bit about, you know, the digital wallets, and that’s that is absolutely game changing when it comes to best practice. It’s also in order Mobile off deferential and generous welchlin the mike is on. The level of, you know, penetration of mobile wallets. We’re talking about making them well, we are actually making love you. The other thing is, don’t be afraid to reach people on their phone to think them. And then you need to acknowledge that in a separate way, you can also use the type of appeal that they responded Teo to enforce. Like having that content flow through into the acknowledgement program and into the welcome Siri’s afterwards to keep them going tohave a next action opportunity eyes A fantastic way to start. That’s definitely an office sticker and done in Dustin. You gotta have these systems in place and somebody will be monitoring them. You don’t have the infrastructure setting that I always like. But for most of them, they are most of our clients, especially so you can excuse me. Specifically, it’s trying to get people into the content in the first place.

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